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Patrik Muchenberger, *1979, Flawil, Switzerland
Diploma, Mag. Art., Vienna, 2011
Lives and Works in Rorschach, Vienna, Brasília


2017 «Paint ain’t faint»
Painting Exhibition
9th – 30th of December 2017 at Maria Forum.Kunst, Rorschach
(Phosphorescence and Fluorescence)

2017 «Ohne Titel»
Transmedialexhibition in Rorschach, Switzerland.
2nd – 8th of November 2017 at Kolumban Friedhof Park, Rorschach
Painting and Projection
Kunstverein Rorschach, 100 Jahre Jubiläum, LKP

2017 «Prints and Hints»
pengpengduo (Alex Brotbeck und Patrik Muchenberger)
Printingexhibition in Weinfelden, Switzerland.
13th – 24th of October 2017 at Remise Wil,
Haus zum Komitee.

Paintingexhibition in Vienna, Austria.
14th – 20th of October 2016 at PFERD, BASE 11
Two Paintings are on loan at PFERD.

2016 «Archaeology & me»
9. Dezember 2016 bis 23. April 2017

Photoexhibition NEARCH,
Winter 2016 in National Roman Museum – Palazzo Massimo in Rome

European competition „you(r) archaeology“

2016 «Rever»
Paintingexhibition in Brasília, Brazil.
27. July – 30. July 2016
Exhibition at the Capital of Brazil at CLS 309 Bl A Lj 5, Brasília DF
Two Paintings are on loan at REVER for one year.
1 https://patrikmuchenbergerbrasil.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/beleza-pura/
2 https://patrikmuchenbergerbrasil.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/aesthetic-of-enthusiasm/

Paintingexhibition in Brasília, Brazil.
07th – 28th of May 2016.
Exhibition at the Capital of Brazil at the Artist Café «Café Savana», Brasília, DF.

2016 «UVS»
(Ultra Violet Series and Phosphor Power Paintings)
09. Februar – 01. März 2016
Painting exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland.
Box43independent artist run offspace
Curated by Marco Nicolas Heinzen & Franziska Heinzen


2016 «The unbroken Pleasure»
Paintingexhibition in Flawil, Switzerland.
03rd – 26th of January 2016.
Offspace Popup Galerie Salis. 


2015 «Found and assembled – Leeway»
ALTO Residency, Artist in residence in Alto Paraiso de Goiás, Brazil
Colaboration with Estado de Deriva em Residência Móvel

Project management: Rubens Pillegi

2014 «Befriedigung bis zum Kotzen. Wenn kein Ende naht. 2»
Zeichnung, Presented by Studio Davix, 3rd Industry Street Festival, Lucerne CH

2014 «stairs and colours»
Painting exhibition, August 1. – 3.

Presented by Connection Festival, Multiculture Area
Mlýnce Zámek, 44101 Mlýnce, Karlovarský Kraj, Czech Republic

2014 «Befriedigung bis zum Kotzen. Wenn kein Ende naht.»
Zeichnung, December 27. 2013 – February 18. 2014,

Autour de Frederic Bruly-Bouabre, T&T Jahr, Guadeloupe

2013 «Of course, no color without light»
Painting exhibition, November 21, 2013 – December 15, 2014

Curated by Marco Nicolas Heinzen and Franziska Heinzen
At Box 43, Müllerstrasse 43, Zürich CH

2013 «Das Gift, Єкатєрїнбоургъ»
Drawings, Yekaterinburg RU

2013 «Das ist das Haus am YIX»
Paintingexhibition, YIX, November 22 – November 23

Yppenplatz 9, Vienna AT

Painting exhibition, August 9 – September 7

At dasattic.com, Schönbrunnerstrasse 111, Vienna AT

2013 «ULT, Farbe auf Träger, Overkill»
Exhibitions and releases of the 2nd issue of the
painting magazine for contemporary painting, ULT, Farbe auf Träger.

Exhibitions and Releases in Vienna, Zurich, Bern

2013 «One man‘s trash‘s another man‘s treasure»
Laborieren No.2, Cooperation with Alex Brotbeck Presented by Co-Labor, Seftigenstrasse, Bern CH

2013 «Made up in my mind»
Starkart Art Exhibitions, Opencall, Brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zürich CH

2012 «Vorgartenstrasse, Wien»
Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

Category C Photographic Video: 2nd place

2012 «ULT, Farbe auf Träger, Spectral»
The founding, exhibitions and releases of the 1st issue of the
painting magazine for contemporary painting, ULT, Farbe auf Träger.

Exhibitions and Releases in Vienna, Zurich, Bern

2012 «Multibild»
Du kannst den Knopf drücken so oft Du willst, der Lift kommt nicht schneller
Curator: Matthias Krinzinger

TransArts – Transdisziplinäre Kunst
Rustenschacherallee 2-4, Vienna AT

2011 «Diverse Transmedial-Works»
Participation in the Book, Blossoms of a Multitude, Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien,

Transmediale Kunst, Brigitte Kowanz (Hrsg.), Vienna AT,
ISBN 978-3-9502891-6-9

2011 «One year one shot per day»
(About the Basic Income)

Tagebuchtage, Presented by Galeriestudio 38
At Cafe Club International C.I., Payergasse 14, Vienna AT

2011 «Experimental Garden»
3rd Triennale, Bankok.
The work was given as a gift, in 2014, to the Art and Culture Office at
the Silpakorn University, Thailand

2011 «Abstraktes bewegtes mit Ton»
KUNSTÜBERFORSCHEN, Schikaneder future cinema, Vienna
Project management: Dr. Gerda Lampalzer-Opperman Department of Mediatheory,
O. univ. Prof. Peter Weibel, University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT

2011 «Environmet I fancied»
Wand Zeit Schrift, at studio steinbrener-dempf.com/wandzeitung/, Vienna
Project management: Ferdinand Schmatz

Tansmedialart, Prof. B. Kowanz, University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT

2010 «Fishermen»
Foto Graz, Kulturvermittlung Steiermark AT

2010 «Ctrl»
Mapping the Terminal, CAT Checkin, Landstraßer Hauptstraße, Vienna
Project management: Nikolaus Gansterer

project supervision: Philippe Rekacewicz
Tansmedialart, Prof. B. Kowanz University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT

2009 «cacamus communiter»
Photomeeting Luxembourg, presented by Galerie Clairefontaine
Documentation Video
Documentation Video 2

2009 «Lust»
(Nach)Wirkungen. ad Alice Schwarzer

Project management: Mag. Dr. Marion Elias
Ausstellungszentrum Heiligenkreuzer Hof
A project of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Gender Art Laboratory (GAL),
in corporation with the chair of cultural and intellectual history and the Coordination Unit for Gender issues. Artikel

2009 «Untitled»
Backgroundboys Painting, ARTE+ Festival di Arte, Havanna Cuba

2008 «Pianist»
Diffusion, projection developement group, Project management: Shusha Niederberger Tansmedialart, Prof. B. Kowanz University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT

2008 «Untitled»
Backgroundboys Painting, «Wanted», Galerie Spazio Tadini, Milan I

2007 «Daily Disturbance»
Public Space, Kunsthalle, Karlsplatz
Project management: Prof. B. Kowanz und Shusha Niederberger
Tansmedialart, Prof. B. Kowanz
University of Applied Arts, Vienna AT
Documentation Video

2007 «Untitled»
Backgroundboys Painting, 7. Art Bodensee, Dornbirn AT

2005 «Doors»
Sound im Raum, Soundinstallation, Sentimatt Project management: Prof. Franziska Lingg University of Applied Sciences an Arts, Lucerne CH
Sound Piece

2001 «Some Caracters»
Caractaz, Group-Show at Flon, St.Gallen CH