lives and works in Europe

Projekt Experimental Guarden

World still struggles with the behavior of human beings. It might not get backwards into a before. We love digital net life. So I created a wild zone. While we spend more and more time in a online space world, we may give back some land to the nature and its wild behavior. To protect this, I turned some square meters into art wild zones installations. Now it is art and it doesn’t has to be anything else.

Projekt #dblpng

Work together is big. Another artist an I created a collaboration with the name #dblpng aka We collect the leftover surplus of society and use the shit for art. Empty halls, stinking paint, fucked up wood and old massive wooden beams or dirty sheets, etc. We live the way of wild collectors with the mindset of artists.

Projekt Paintings

Details are creators of wonder. I make paintings that playfully reveal new approaches to other worlds. look closely, let it happen. meet your own mirror with skepticism and happy anger, experience psychohygiene and love. My painting is created with high quality and can be experienced in different sizes, analog and for real. Stay tuned. My NFT’s are available too.