#Killing In The Name Off


#Killing in the name off, (Amazoniac rage), 2018, Oil, Canvas, 150 x 170 cm

#Killinginthenameoff, #Amazoniacrage, 2018, Muchenberger
#Killing in the name off, (Amazoniac rage), Oil, Canvas, 150 x 170 cm


#killinginthenameoff, #amazoniac

Protect the Amazon and protect also the People who live in symbiosis with the Amazon and its Fauna and Flora. Let them guard over our huge friends, the trees and our other friends, the animals and all the other plants. Fauna and Flora might be wiser than technological singularity, they seem more intelligent than A.I. probably ever can be.
The Painting #Killinginthenameoff, that abstract head, stands for the power, but also the fragility of Amazon. For the power of the indigenous people of the forrests. It’s about the suffering and the rage, for the strength and the colors of amazon. But also includes all other big forrests on earth R.I.P. in mind or still alive. Lets make earth, wild again. No killing in the name off.

Europe, Switzerland. Not far-sighted. Back then, hundreds of years ago, they had to loot the forrests naivly for survive. A jungle on Lake of Constance, all the other forrests in europe such as blackforrest or others. They were looted. Today, let’s find another way.